Department of National Frequency Management Council

The National Frequency Management Council (NFMC) Secretariat was created by the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA), 2003 and domiciled it in the Ministry. For administrative conveniences, the Department was placed under Spectrum Management from inception.

However, following the restructuring and unbundling of the mega Spectrum Management Department, on August 16, 2018, the Department was excised and upgraded to the status of a department.

The objective of the exercise was to deliver the Secretariat from the copious structural, financial, administrative and managerial constraints it was grappling with, project its image and set it on the path of growth to attain its full potentials of becoming an independent agency of the ministry as earlier recognized by the Presidency, when the Specialized Ministry of Communication Technology was created in 2011.

Key Function

  • Coordinating activities of the National Frequency Management Council.
  • Preparing technical papers, proposals, positions, and recommendations on various issues for consideration by Council to enable members of the Council to perform their statutory functions of:
    • Assist and advise the Minister on the representation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and carrying out ancillary functions at international and regional spectrum allocation bodies including but not limited to International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
    • Assist and advise the Minister on the preparation and negotiation of bilateral and multilateral spectrum allocation treaties with other sovereign administrations.
    • Assist and advise the Minister on the preparation, negotiation, and adoption of spectrum coordination agreements that are applicable to cross-border spectrum uses involving the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other countries.
    • In consultation and conjunction with the Commission, prepare, update and publish on a regular basis a national frequency allocation table and establish a data bank that would assist and facilitate the management of the national spectrum.
    • Carry out bulk trans-sectoral allocation of spectrum to statutory bodies that are authorized by enabling laws to allocate spectrum to end-users.
    • Receive and collate returns and statistics on spectrum allocation to end-users from the statutory bodies specified in the fifth paragraph of this section and coordinate their respective activities.
    • The Department also performs all other necessary administrative functions and any ad-hoc assignment given to it by the Council.

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