Department of Human Resource Management

This Department saddled with the responsibility of interpreting and implementing Government policies relating to personnel matters of the Ministry. It deals with all aspects of managing Ministry employees and staff.

Key Function


  1. Appointment, Promotion, and Discipline Division
    • Document new hires and staff transfers from the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.
    • Maintain official records and documents for the Ministry.
    • Oversee staff recruitment and deployment.
    • Support junior and senior staff committees dealing with recruitment, promotion, and discipline matters.
    • Handle disciplinary cases, including appeals and staff matters from Ministry parastatals.
    • Services as secretariat for top management staff meetings and specialized gatherings.
    • Process appeals and petitions to the Federal Civil Service Commission.
    • Prepare and update the staff Nominal Roll.
    • Manage matters related to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and Industrial Training (IT) students.
    • Collaborate with relevant agencies on personnel and administrative matters.
  2. Training and Staff Welfare Division
    • Manage training and staff development, both locally and internationally.
    • Handle staff leave, claims, and entitlements.
    • Acquire and allocate office accommodations.
    • Process pension-related matters.
    • Manage labor and industrial relations
    • Coordinate confirmation and promotion examinations.
    • Oversee activities related to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
    • identity card production.
    • Supervise the Ministry’s sports club activities
    • Organize, deploy, and supervise security personnel commissioned by the Ministry.


  1. Maintenance Unit
    • Responsible for the repair and maintenance of Ministry buildings, machinery, and equipment (e.g., air conditioners, lighting, fire prevention/control equipment).
    • Supervising and maintaining outstation offices nationwide, including the International Radio Monitoring Stations (IRMS) at Ipaja, Ogoja, Azare, and Gusau.
  2. Store Unit
    • Handling the receipt, storage, and issuance of store items within the Ministry.
    • Conducting periodic inventory checks and submitting quarterly reports on store items to the Director (HRM).
  3. Transport Unit
    • Responsible for servicing all official vehicles.
    • Facilitating the movement of personnel, goods, and official vehicular operations within the Ministry.

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