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October 12, 2023

E-Government Initiative

Empowering Nigerians through the Digital Nigeria Programme.

The Ministry has set four (4) key goals to drive the adoption of e-government across all MDAs, namely connected government, informed citizenry, open data, and open government partnership.

Leveraging on technology advances; the Ministry has initiated projects to ensure that citizens and businesses have easy access to government services. These initiatives are prioritized to drive the adoption of e-government across the MDAs, which will turn improve service delivery, drive transparency, accountability and good governance.

The following initiatives are being implemented by the E-Government department:

  1. National E-Government Master Plan: This is a roadmap for the adoption of e-Government best practices, by all Federal Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) developed in collaboration with the Government of Korea. To further promulgate the national importance of e-governance in Nigeria, in line with the government’s direction of leveraging technology for public service productivity; the department is responsible for the wide-scale implementation of the plan which will accomplish the full transformation of government transactions; improve the experience of citizens and businesses transacting with government by simplifying the services, increase citizens engagement and drive transparency.
  2. Government Service Portal (GSP): This is is a platform ( which aims to provide citizens, businesses and foreigners with easy access to various government services through a one-stop government portal. This has improved government processes, saves citizen’s travel time to government offices, and ensures round-the-clock access to government services, thereby revolutionizing the efficiency, convenience, and effectiveness with which public services are delivered.
  3. Government Contact Centre (GCC): This is a platform that allows citizens (irrespective of their location, literacy level or language) to get access to government services/information through calls. Focus is on citizen orientation and simplicity, as they can communicate with the administration in a convenient, simple, electronic and barrier-free. This initiative has generated employment, as well as, increases the participation of citizens in public sector activities as it encourages them to contribute their ideas and give feedback to the Government.
  1. Open Data Portal: This is An online platform ( where non-sensitive data sets from government MDAs are routinely made available to the public. This increases Government’s ability to ensure transparency and inclusion of the general public in its service delivery as information released can be used for decision making by citizens and businesses.
  2. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS): The government is not relenting in efforts to deepen application of ICT in all public endeavours, hence the initiative to move all its documents online (digitization). The benefits of an EDMS include increased information security, reduced cost, business processes automation and improved access to information which achieves the aim of leveraging technology to improve public service productivity.
  3. The E-Government Capacity Building Program: This is a is aimed at establishing the foundation for the sustainable development and applications of E-governance across all sectors. More than 2000 public servants have been trained, at federal and regional levels, with focus on institutional transformation and human resources development in this continuous service wide training program.
  4. The National E-Health Strategic Framework: This is was developed in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Health as ICT has been identified as a key enabler to achieve the desired improvements in the country’s health care delivery. It enhances the quality of care, reduces operating and administrative cost, facilitate faster access to health information, increases communication through the internet and increase productivity of health personnel.

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